How much to unlock my door?



Pricing schedule to unlock doors “Customers must have photo ID” customer must provide photo ID, with proof of residency and payment upon arrival.

Prices are for unlocking 1 lock addition locks are an additional $38.50 each. Prices above are for work within our service area, additional charges apply (For outside our service area).

Because we give priority to people who are in need of “locked out service” or any type of “immediate Emergency service” ,the service call is NON – REFUNDABLE, If you cancel with the hour of booking your call as the driver would have been dispatched and unavailable to take in other jobs. Please try all avenues before calling out the experts” to avoid any inconveniences.

Gain Entry

Gain Entry to Locked Door (Lost keys or keys locked inside)

Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm – $165.00*
Mon-Fri after 4:30pm, Sat & Sun before 10:00pm – $220.00*

7 Days after 10:00pm – $249.00*
7 Days after Midnight – $345.00*
Above prices include Service Call and Labour to open 1 lock, additional locks add $38.50 per lock

*Excludes damaged or broken locks. Additional charges apply on Public Holidays and Special Events. If you cancel within the hour of booking our emergency door unlocking service you will be charged the price quoted.

Service Calls Pricing

Gain Entry to Locked Door (Lost keys or keys locked inside)

Mon-Fri 8:30am – 4:30pm – $110.00

Mon-Fri 4:30pm – 10:00pm – $195.00

Weekends between 9:00am – 10:00pm – $195.00

7 days after 10:00pm – $245.00

7 days after Midnight – $330.00

Rekeys (Plus Applicable Service Call)

Lock Types #1 to #8 $66.00

Lock Types #9 to #16 $71.50

Installations (Plus Applicable Service Call)

Carbine Commercial Grade Key In Knob – $77.00
Labour – Partial Fit – $38.50
Labour – New Installation – $66.00
Carbine Deadbolts Commercial Grade – $71.50
Labour – Partial Fit – $38.50
Labour – New Installation – $66.00
Gainsborough Key in Knobs – $83.50
Labour – Partial Fit – $38.50 
Labour – New Installation – $66.00
Gainsborough Deadbolts – $93.50
Labour – Partial Fit – $38.50
Labour – New Installation – $66.00
Install Meter Box Lock on Western Power Key (Includes Service Call) – $198.00
Gainsborough Tri-locks – $265.00
Labour to install new fit – $99.00
Partial fit – $71.50
Lockwood 001 Deadlatch – $165.00
New fit. – $66.00
Partial. – $49.50
All metal frames will cost an addition hole saw a charge of $11.00
Wrap around plates $66.00
Labour to fit wrap around plates $38.50

Make Keys (to)

Plus (Applicable Service Call)

Mailbox locks,window, patio doors and bolts, deadlocks, gates, garage doors and padlocks $49.50*

Door Locks – $49.50*

If the door is locked and we have to unlock it then it will be an additional $35 + GST to open the door and make keys, if the door is open and you don’t have keys for the lock there will be an additional charge of $10 + GST to pick/shim the lock before it can be rekeyed

Lock Types

Not sure what kind of lock you have? Make a note of the lock type below, that way when you are talking to us on the phone, we can give you the right advice and prices accordingly.

Please be aware that prices quoted on this website and over the telephone are approximate and sight unseen. The locksmith will confirm all pricing once on site before commencing any work.


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